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Traveling to Thassos

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     It has never been this easy to travel to Thassos independantly! Learn how to get to the emerald island by all means of transportation and decide which way will be the least expensive and most convenient for you!

By plane

     The island has no airport, but it is served by the International Airport of Kavala.

  • Via Kavala: There are several scheduled flights from Athens every day (50-min flight). The airport, Alexander the Great (airport code: KVA) at Chrissoupoli, is 30 km east of Kavala. There are also flights and charters to and from major European cities several times a week. The airport is 18 km from the port town of Keramoti, which has ferryboats that will get you to Thassos Town (35-min).
  • Via Thessaloniki: The airport in Thessaloniki, Macedonia International Airport (airport code: SKG) has several flights and charters every day to and from Athens and many cities across Europe. If you plan to fly in through Thessaloniki then you should also plan your transportation from there to Kavala or Keramoti.

     The least expensive way is to fly to Thessaloniki on a direct flight and then take a bus, or either rent a car at the airport or take a taxi to go on to Keramoti to catch a ferry to Thassos. The drive time is about two - two and one half hours, and renting a car for the trip to Keramoti is the least expensive.

By car

     There are excellent road connections with all of the towns and cities in the region. It takes about two hours to reach Kavala and two and one half hours to reach Keramoti by car from Thessaloniki. It also takes about the same amount of time to reach Kavala and a little less time to reach Keramoti from the final major Greek city to the East, Alexandroupolis. From Kavala and Keramoti you are able to take the ferry to Thassos.

Travelling to Thassos 

     Here are some approximate routes and distances for travellers likely to drive from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. These routes are along the major roads and highways that are best to take for extensive driving.

     Travelling within Greece

  • From Thessaloniki to Kavala: 172 Km.
  • From Alexandroupolis to Kavala: 166 Km.  
  • From Athens through Thessaloniki to Kavala: 673 Km.
     Travelling from Bulgaria
  • From Sofia directly to Kavala: 343 Km.
  • From Plovdiv through Sofia to Kavala: 486 Km.
  • From Plovdiv through Edirne, Alexandroupolis to Kavala:  473 Km.
  • From Varna through Edirne, Alexandroupolis to Kavala: 674 Km.

     Traveling from Romania

  • From Bucharest through Sofia (Bulgaria) to Kavala:  745 Km.
  • From Timisoara through Belgrade (Serbia), Skopje (F.Y.R.O.Macedonia),
    Thessaloniki to Kavala: 939 Km.
  • From Galati through Edirne (Bulgaria), Alexandroupolis to Kavala: 1001 Km.

By ferryboat and hydrofoil

     Ferryboats and hydrofoils connect the island with Kavala and Keramoti. There are daily connections as follows:

  • Ferryboat between
    Keramoti - Thassos (35 min.)
  • Ferryboat between
    Kavala – Prinos (75 min.)
  • Hydrofoil between
    Kavala – Thassos Town (45 min.)
Thassos Ferries
The ferry port of Thassos

For the ferryboat and hydrofoil schedules, you can call the local port authorities at (Calling code for Greece 0030) : • 25930 22106 (Thassos Port Authority), • 25930 71290 (Prinos Port Authority), • 2510 224472 (Kavala Port Authority), and • 25910 51204 (Keramoti Port Authority).

By bus (coach)

     You can reach Kavala from Athens, Thessaloniki or Alexandroupolis by (coach) Kavala Bus Services, or known as KTEL. Depending on the time you arrive in Kavala, you will have these options available to you:

  1. You may catch a flying dolphin (hydrofoil) that will take you either to the island's capital Thassos Town or to Skala Prinos. The port is only about 3 city blocks from the bus station. The cost depends on which dolphin is available.
  2. On the other side of the port from the dolphins are the regular ferries that can take you to Skala Prinos. Remember there are less ferries running from Kavala to Thassos than there are from Keramoti, so try to know what the schedule is before you arrive.

For bus schedules and information call +302105129407 (Athens office), +302310595422 (Thessaloniki office) and +302510223593 (Kavala office).

By train

     You can take the Hellenic railway to travel to the city of Drama. The trip takes about 8 hours from Athens. You can also use the train to come from Thessaloniki, but it costs more than the bus and takes almost 1.5 hours longer. For more information call (+30)2105240647 (Athens office), and (+30)2310517517 (Thessaloniki office) When you arrive in Drama, take the bus to Kavala, which departs every half hour.

By ship

     Coastal lines connect Kavala and the North Aegean islands throughout the year while in the summer months Kavala is connected with all the islands in the Aegean Sea.

On the Island

     There are daily bus routes that serve all of the coastal towns and villages as well as many of the mountain villages. For more information call +302593022162 (KTEL Thassos office). The 100 Km. long road network that circles the island is in good condition and riding on it is smooth although it has some very sharp turns. Cars and motorbikes are available for hire on the island as well.

Thassos - Kavala Map Map of Greece

Day Min Max Wind Weather
17°C 23°C

12 km/h

17°C 22°C

3 km/h

17°C 24°C

3 km/h

18°C 26°C

12 km/h

19°C 25°C

6 km/h

Kavala Airport
«Alexander The Great» Airport internal view
The Port of Kavala

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