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Thassos Tourism: Kastro

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Thassos Tourism: Kastro

   Kastro is a mountainous, and maybe the oldest village, northeast of Limenaria. It has an altitude of 800 m and it is built on the peak of the mountain Ypsario, the highest mountain of Thassos.

   In the early of 20th century, the mines excavation of the German company “Spiedel “ was the cause for the residents to leave the village and to work to the mining company, creating Limenaria.

   The calm atmosphere and the view of the village give the visitor a feeling of serenity. The special and traditional beauty of the village and the architecture of the houses, indicates the simple lifestyle of local residents who once lived there.

   Today the village remains isolated, acquiring life only in January, the day of the feast of St. Athanasius.

"The serenity of Kastro offers the visitor peaceful feelings…"

View of Kastro Thassos Kastro, all gather for the celebration of the St. Athanasios holiday

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