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Thassos Tourism: Panagia

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Thassos Tourism: Panagia - Skala Panagia

   The traditional community of Panagia is located about 10 km from the capital of Thassos and 27 km from Skala Prinos. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Thassos with picturesque landscapes and rich historical heritage, as it became the capital of the island in 1845, after the Greek Revolution against Turks.

   The name and the 11 chapels in the village indicate the strong religious element of the inhabitants. The great church of the Panagia celebrates on 15th August, one of the most important days of Orthodoxy. On the eve of the great celebration, women of the village boil the meat with broken thyme (kourmpani) in the front yard of the church and share it to the crowd after the liturgy. On the day of the Dormition of the Theotokos, the main street of the village closes from both sides, since many people are gathered.

   The abundant streams that cross the village, the huge tree in the central square and the forests surrounding the village are real jewels for the community, which each summer attracts more and more tourists.

   Skala Panagia is one of the most beautiful areas in north Thassos, between the villages of Panagia and Potamia. There you can find the Golden Beach, a large, clean and well organized beach with a sandy bottom, surrounded by the evergreen mountain Ypsario, composing a harmonious landscape of mountain and sea.

"The name of Panagia indicates the strong religious element of the inhabitants…"

Panagia Thassos in the village Skala Panagia - Golden Beach Thassos

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