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Thassos Tourism
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Limenaria:   Limenaria is located on the south side of the island, about 40 kms from the capital (Limenas), and is the second largest town, as the population approaches the population of residents of Limenas.

   This is a scenic area with incomparable beauty that leaves no visitor unmoved. The sandy beaches, various water sports, the excellent tourist infrastructure and the natural scenery of the village, make a beautiful scene every year, attracting visitors both Greeks and thousands of tourists from all over Europe.
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Limenaria Thassos

Limenas or Thassos

Limenas:   Limenas or Thassos, as it is called now, is the capital of Thassos. It is located on the north side of Thassos, with a population of 2,500 inhabitants and is the commercial and administrative center of the island.
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Potos:   Potos is 48 kilometers away from Port and 28 km from the port of Skala Prinou.
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Potos Thassos
Rachoni Thassos

Rachoni - Skala Rachoni:   The community of Rachoni (or Rahoni) is divided into Skala Rachoni and village Rachoni. Skala is a coastal area with a clean beach with crystal water and a small harbor.
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Panagia - Skala Panagia:   The traditional community of Panagia is located about 10 km from the capital of Thassos and 27 km from Skala Prinos. Skala Panagia is between the villages of Panagia and Potamia.
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Panagia Thassos
Potamia Thassos

Potamia - Skala Potamia:   Potamia is located approximately 11 km southeast of the capital of Thassos, built at the foot of the mountain Ypsario. Skala Potamia is on the northeast side of Thassos.
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Kastro:   Kastro is a mountainous, and maybe the oldest village, northeast of Limenaria.
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Kastro Thassos
Prinos Thassos

Prinos - Skala Prinos:   Prinos is located at the northwestern side of Thassos and is 20 km from the capital of the island (Limenas). Skala Prinos is the most developed touristic area of the community.
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Koinira:   Koinira is located on the east side of Thassos.
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Koinira Thassos
Alyki Thassos

Alyki:   The peninsula of Alyki is located on the east side of Thassos approximately 35 kilometers from Limenas.
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Theologos:   In the center of the island, located between the mountains of Thassos, you will find the mountain village of Theologos.
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Theologos Thassos - Traditional Houses

Kallirachi Maries

Thassos, with the crystal-clear blue waters Thassos - Limenas

Water Sports in Limenaria Thassos
Thassos Tourism
Peukari Beach 1km from Potos Thassos

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